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  1. Good afternoon –

    My name is Rick Clawson and I’m Cubmaster of Pack 505 in South Bend, IN (home base for us is St. Joseph Grade School on Hill Street).

    I’m trying to plan some upcoming Pack meetings, and was thinking as spring rolls around, to try and have a bike-themed meeting. Would it be possible to get some help from a few local cycling enthusiasts and leaders to come to a pack meeting and help our Cub Scouts do a safety check on their bike?

    Assuming their bike passes muster – and they have proper safety gear with them as well, I was thinking we could also setup a bike rally/obstacle course out on the blacktop for Scouts to complete.

    Would you have folks in mind that might help us conduct such an event? Or could you point me towards someone who can?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can lend!


    – Rick

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