We take LimeBike for a test spin in South Bend

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Jul 122017

Joe Ditz – SOUTH BEND — We find one LimeBike bicycle parked outside of Cops & Doughnuts-Dainty Maid Precinct, right where the smartphone app says it is.

Curious cops stop by to see what photographer Santiago Flores and I are doing Tuesday with the neon green bike, the first steed of the city’s new bike sharing program to officially hit the street.

I click “unlock” on the app, and it immediately finds the QR code on the bike seat. I could have also punched in the plate number. The lock flips open with a chime.

I heave the bike off of its kickstand — it feels like someone has loaded it with two big bags of groceries. And I cruise down bike lanes and downtown cycle paths, sitting completely upright and ringing the bell.

It rides like an old-world city bike. Not fast. But steady. It has just one speed, so riding uphill would surely mean hopping off of the seat to pedal.

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Mayors’ Ride returns to South Bend, Mishawaka

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Apr 112017

SOUTH BEND — The Mayors’ Ride, which invites bicyclists to spin along bike routes by the St. Joseph River, will return May 7 for the second year with only a small change in its route.

The free bike ride will run between 8 a.m. and noon that Sunday. Bicyclists of all ages will be able to join it at any time in those four hours, starting at either St. Patrick’s County Park or Howard Park in South Bend or at Central Park in Mishawaka.

An obstacle course, inflatable play equipment and food trucks will be posted at Howard Park, said Aaron Perri, director of the city’s Venues, Parks and Arts, at a news conference Monday to promote the event. And there will be cookies, fruit and water at all three stops.

 Police from South Bend, Mishawaka and St. Joseph County will once again be on hand to help with safety at key intersections, said Pete Jank, president of the Bike Michiana Coalition.
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Our Opinion: A win-win for the River Valley Trail

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Apr 052017

St. Joseph County shouldn’t miss the opportunity to fill in some of the final gaps in a recreational trail project that’s been years in the making.

By contributing about $225,000 from the county’s tourism development fund, along with other donations and grants, the county would be able to finally pave the two-mile gap in the trail from Darden Road north to the Michigan state line.

County Engineer Jessica Clark estimates that building two sections of the trail — from Darden to Auten Road with money raised through a local charity drive, then from Auten to the state line with cash from the tourism fund — could save the county as much as $100,000. It also could shave a year off the timetable for completing the county’s portion of trail.

 When it’s complete, the Indiana-Michigan River Valley Trail will cover 34 miles and extend from Mishawaka’s Riverwalk to the north side of Niles.
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