BMC Documents (in PDF format):
Incorporation Documents
EIN Assignment
501(c)(3) Application To IRS
501(c)(3) Acceptance From IRS
Indiana NP-20 Application for Sales Tax Exemption 
By Laws 
Indiana Form ST-105 (Sales Tax Exemption) – Contact a BMC member for the password.

  2 Responses to “Documents”

  1. I was hoping to get a high resolution or AI file for your Share the road logo.

    We have a Big yellow sprinter for event support and want to put it on the back.

    If you would allow we would also like to print up some stickers for people to put on their cars.

    We appreciate it.

    Peter Clancy
    Woodinville Bicycle

  2. Glad you liked the logo. I am replying privately to help out as much as possible.

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