The BMC was formed during the first Michiana Bike Summit which was organized by Jeff Nixa and held on August 7th, 2008.

Founded in 2008, the Bike Michiana Coalition (BMC) is a 501 c (3) local bicycle advocacy organization with the primary goals of facilitating communication between other bicycle groups and advocating action and education as needs arise in the Michiana community. BMC also initiates and promotes cycling events through various groups, including: Bike the Bend, Bike to Work Week, Bike Michiana for Hospice, Urban Adventure and EcoFest.


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  1. I would like to have/buy a copy of your bike route maps. I do not have a color printer. Please let me know if one can be purchased.
    Also, do you know of anyone who rents bikes?
    Thank you!
    Alice Saffren

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