Apr 052017

St. Joseph County shouldn’t miss the opportunity to fill in some of the final gaps in a recreational trail project that’s been years in the making.

By contributing about $225,000 from the county’s tourism development fund, along with other donations and grants, the county would be able to finally pave the two-mile gap in the trail from Darden Road north to the Michigan state line.

County Engineer Jessica Clark estimates that building two sections of the trail — from Darden to Auten Road with money raised through a local charity drive, then from Auten to the state line with cash from the tourism fund — could save the county as much as $100,000. It also could shave a year off the timetable for completing the county’s portion of trail.

 When it’s complete, the Indiana-Michigan River Valley Trail will cover 34 miles and extend from Mishawaka’s Riverwalk to the north side of Niles.
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