Safety Classes


BMC promotes bike safety through classes in elementary schools, South Bend Police Department and other organizations on an as requested basis. Friends of Bike Michiana Coalition support and participate in weekly scheduled bike rides through Michiana Bicycle Association, Outpost Sports, Spin Zone cycling, ProForm cycling, and St Pius cycling ministry. All monies raised by BMC go toward bicycling needs and advocacy and safety. Donations and dues from BMC go to infrastructure, bike lanes, and Way Finding signs.



  12 Responses to “Safety Classes”

  1. Who is the contact person for bike safety classes?

  2. The head of the safety classes is Judy Lee. I am contacting you off-line with her e-mail address.

  3. I am the Penn Township Trustee in Mishawaka. We are planning to have a free safety fair for our clients and their children on Saturday, July 19th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We plan to hold it outside in our parking lot and grass lot and wondered about having someone there to do bicycle safety. Is there someone that I should contact or would this be something that you might be interested in? You can email me or call my office at 256-6213. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your interest. I have forwarded your comment to Judy Lee who is in charge of the youth safety program.

  5. In the past, you have done a safety class for our 3rd grade students. We would like to continue that this year, if possible. Please forward me contact information. Thank you!!

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  8. sounds like a fab time – and I'm soooo jealous – you saw ROBERT PLANT – one of my teenage (twenties, thirties, forties.. you get the picture!) crushes. xxx.

  9. Mari Sitton – All the pictures are amazing! My favorites are the black and white one of Coley and Evan leaning on the bricks and the ones of them on the bridge. They look like belong in a magazine! Wow, they sure are one gorgeous and sweet couple! Great job, Jennings!

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