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Bike Michiana Coalition (BMC)

Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2012

Attendees: Paul Taylor, Henry Scott, Mike Atkins, Judy Lee, Aaron Divine, Pete Jank, John Marquardt, JV Peacock, Chris VandenBossche

Absent: Lynn Kachmarik, Ken Sauer, Brett Miller

President Judy Lee called the meeting to order

Mike Atkins will send the September, 2012 meeting minutes to Board Members via e-mail for approval.

Henry Scott presented a summary of 2012 expenditures and income. This includes Urban Adventure which was added to BMC finances in 2012. The net BMC balance of $22,639 reported by Henry is separate from the Urban Adventure balance. See attached report for details. Also, JV Peacock reported that BMC will be receiving our 50/50 split of the proceeds from the 2012 Hospice Ride.

A discussion was held of potential activities that BMC could/should support in 2013, including:

Helmets for bike safety classes

  • South Bend Bikeway signage
  • Race team sponsorship
  • Race event sponsorship as a more balanced alternative to race team sponsorship that potentially serves our mission better
  • Membership in LAB, IBC, LMB, Adventure Cycling Association
  • Pumpkinvine Trail
  • IN-MI Trail
  • Granger Paths

It was agreed to table the 2013 budget discussion and approval. Henry Scott will develop a draft 2013 budget and circulate to the Board for approval.

No changes were proposed for the By-Laws.

JV Peacock reported on the results of the 2012 Hospice Ride. We had 974 registered riders, up from 876 the previous year. Proceeds from registrations, net of expenses were $27,000 which will be split 50/50 between Hospice and BMC. In addition, Hospice received over $27,000 in pledges/donations. These are both big improvements from previous years.

JV Peacock reported on Bike to Work Week (BTWW). Total mileage reported and number of teams was down from previous years but the number of teams participating was up with 100 teams. Notre Dame team had 175 people. Judy Lee reported that Karen Haun has volunteered to take on a major role in 2013 BTWW. It was agreed to have the 2013 BTWW May 12-18, co-incident with National BTWW. This will put Bike theBend, scheduled for May 19, 2013, at the end of BTWW.

Chris VandenBoschhe reported on theND Douglas Roadproject. This project is a big plus for cycling as it connects to LaSalle Trail and combines with theJuniper Roadshoulder improvement project. The project is up for vote at the St. Joe County Council at 7pm tonight, December 4, 2012. Assuming approval, construction would start December, 2012 and finish in August, 2013.

Aaron Divine presented his progress on re-vamping the BMC website and asked for suggestions for improvements. Paul Taylor had several suggestions which he will send Aaron via e-mail.

Aaron Divine circulated a draft membership document based off ofPortland,Oregon’s membership page on their biking website. This was proposed as something the board might consider for the future. Judy Lee reported that Karen Haun was willing to chair a membership committee as part of BMC. It was agreed to have Karen look into Aaron’s proposal. John Marquardt has experience on membership at NIMBA and John agreed to work with Karen on this.

Judy Lee reported on the status of the Bike Safety classes and safety education plans. We provided 340 helmets through the safety classes at the elementary schools, plus helmets for Bike the Bendriders who didn’t have helmets, plus helmets for the SB Police summer PAL bike safety classes. We have requested a grant from 1st Source Bank to help fund helmets for 2013.

Judy Lee reported on the status of the 3 Foot law in the SB Common Council. A BMC letter was sent to Mayor Pete. Judy has received favorable support from all Common Council members except Council President Derek Dieter. Currently the SB PD is in favor of the Bill, however the will soon be a new Police Chief. Based on advice from Mayor Pete and Council members, the plan is to re-introduce the Bill at the January 28, 2013 Coucil meeting.

It was agreed to table discussion on 2012 accomplishments and 2013 goals.

It was moved, seconded and approved to elect the following board members for 2013:

  • Judy Lee
  • Pete Jank
  • Henry Scott
  • JV Peacock
  • Paul Taylor
  • Karen Haun
  • Aaron Divine
  • Chris VandenBoschhe
  • Mike Atkins

It was moved, seconded and approved to elect the following officers for 2013:

  • President – Judy Lee
  • Vice-President – Pete Jank
  • Secretary – Pete Jank
  • Treasurer – Henry Scott
  • At Large – Paul Taylor
  • Events/Marketing – JV Peacock
  • Membership – Karen Haun
  • Webmaster – Aaron Divine
  • MBA representative – Chris VandenBoschhe
  • Racing – Mike Atkins

In addition, we have the following committee chairs as non-voting board members:

  • Urban Adventure – Lynn Kachmarik
  • NIMBA representative – John Marquardt
  • LaSalle Trail liaison – Ken Sauer
  • Mishawakaliaison – Brett Miller

The meeting was adjourned by consensus.

Respectfully submitted,

Pete Jank