$18,400 in local bicycle funding announced

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$18,400 in local bicycle funding announced

The Bike Michiana Coalition (BMC) has approved 2013 funding for six local bicycle organizations and projects as well as memberships in two statewide and two national bicycle advocacy organizations. This funding supports the BMC 3-E’s mission of Encouraging bicycling for commuting and recreation; Expanding and improving bicycle infrastructure; and Educating citizens and government about bicycle safety and laws, and the community benefits of cycling.

Memberships in Bicycle Indiana, League of Michigan Bicyclists, League of American Bicyclists, Adventure Cycling Association $   400
Bike Station in downtown South Bend $ 1,000
Friends of the Pumpkinvine Trail $ 2,500
Billboards educating the public on South Bend’s new Three-feet passing ordinance $ 2,000
City of South Bend for bicycle way finding signage $ 2,500
IN-MI River Valley Trail $ 5,000
BMC/MBA Children’s safety classes $ 5,000




The BMC/MBA Children’s safety class money will be spent on helmets for students. Last year over 600 third grade students attended safety classes where they received a free helmet. The 2013 goal is to double that number. The BMC partners with the Michiana Bicycle Association, area schools, the Center for the Homeless, and the Police Athletic League to provide these classes. $5,000 is being allocated.

The IN-MI River Valley Trail is a 34 mile interstate trail connecting Niles Michigan to Mishawaka Indiana. All but about 8 miles have been completed, and the funding being provided will be applied to the unfinished portions from the northern edge of Roseland to the southern edge of Niles. $5,000 will be split between the Indiana and Michigan portions yet to be built.

The City of South Bend started erecting bicycle way finding signs in 2012, funded in part by Bike the Bend and the BMC. The BMC will continue that funding in 2013, with $2,500.

The City of South Bend recently approved a city ordinance requiring motorists to give cyclist at least 3-feet of clearance when passing. To increase citizen awareness of this new ordinance, sometimes referred to as a “3-Feet Please” rule, billboards will be erected within the city as part of a citizen education campaign. The BMC has allocated $2,000 and is soliciting donations and sponsors the help with the campaign.

The Pumpkinvine Nature Trail is a wonderful “Rails to Trails” project in Elkhart County. Having been built piecemeal for over two decades, it is still under construction and will be over 16 miles long when completed. The trail links Goshen, Middlebury, and Shipshewana and will be funded by the BMC to the tune of $2,500.

The Memorial Health and Lifestyle Center has offered to set up a Bike Station in downtown South Bend. The Center hopes that by charging a small monthly fee for bike parking and showers, the station can be self-sustaining. A bike station has long been a goal of the BMC, and the board is excited to see it become a reality, donating $1,000 as seed money for equipment and building renovations.

The BMC philosophy is that “we all must work together to promote the simple bicycle”. In light of this, memberships in the following organizations are maintained: Bicycle Indiana and the League of Michigan Bicyclists (the respective state advocacy organizations), The League of American Bicyclists, and the Adventure Cycling Association (national groups that advocate biking and bike travel).

A plea for money: the BMC welcomes donations from cyclist wanting to help financially with Michiana bicycle advocacy. On the BMC home page, scroll down until you see a DONATE button. Click and Donate: in the comment section, say how you want the money spent.


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