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Bike Michiana Coalition Goals for 2014
• Continue assisting in plan for extending and connecting bike routes
• Be persistent with way finding sign installation along bike routes
• Erect Trail Etiquette signs on South Bend Trails.
• Expand and support Bike races
• Include Urban Adventure with BMC
• Increase publicity for bike safety – at least 3 articles during 2012
• Teach BMC/MBA Bike Safety Classes
• Educate the public about the new 3 Foot Law.
• Grow and Improve Bike to Work Week
• Grow and Improve Bike Michiana for Hospice Ride
• Partner with the Active Transportation Alliance to get a trial of bicycles on a South Shore train.
• Continue to partner with the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation (NBPD) Project to conduct bike/ped counts in the area.