3 Great County Parks — 1 Nice Bike Ride

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3 Great County Parks — 1 Nice Bike Ride

Start at any of these 3 sites (check hours of operation 1st, so you don’t get locked out) or if it’s more convienent start at Darden Rd & Riverside Dr. The 3 county parks I’m speaking of are St. Patrick’s, Spicer Lake & Bendix Woods. It’s about 45 mi. to visit all 3 parks. Bendix Woods has a new mountain bike trail being developed by NIMBA.

If 45 mi. isn’t enough try locating some little known St. Joseph County Parks properties, like Chamberlin Lake & Place Trail, If you make it to Place Trail, you will be near Potato Creek State Park. They charge a $2- fee for bikes entering the park. You will find a 3.3 mi. bike path & a 6.6 mi. mountain bike trail, within this park. Now we are talk’in 70 to 80 mi. of riding.

For that century rider add Ferrettie/Baugo Creek County Park on the eatern edge of St. Joseph Co. I’ve done this a couple times, using different routes, but what routes would you use?

Mike McFarland

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