September 24, 2013 Minutes

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September 24, 2013 Minutes

Bike Michiana Coalition (BMC)

Board Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2013

This meeting was held at the South Bend Police Department at 7:00am.

Attendees: Paul Taylor, Henry Scott, Mike Atkins, Judy Lee, Aaron Divine, Pete Jank, Karen Haun, and JV Peacock

Absent: Brett Miller, Chris VandenBossche, Ken Sauer and Lynn Kachmarik

President Judy Lee called the meeting to order.

Pete Jank presented the minutes from the June 4, 2013 board meeting. It was motioned, seconded and approved to accept the minutes as written.

Henry Scott presented the Treasurer’s report.

  • Insurance for BMC Board members was initiated in July, 2013 at an annual premium of $710.
  • Urban Adventure netted $13k, after a $5k transfer to BMC
  • All 2013 budgeted donations have been completed with the exception of the $1k for a bike station
  • It was suggested that Henry investigate fudiciary insurance
  • It was suggested BMC have an independent audit of the BMC books. JV Peacock volunteered to ask Kevin Kruggel to perform the audit.
  • It was motioned, seconded and approved to accept the report as written.

JV Peacock reported on the results of the Hospice ride

  • 1141 riders, 166 increase from last year
  • $80k income, registrations plus donations
  • In addition, there will be a BMC tent at Apple Cider Century Ride
  • Bike theBendin 2014 will be June 8 – better weather and no conflict with ND graduation
  • JV needs to turn over BTWW to someone else
  • JV suggested that BTWW be the week of June 9, continuing the strategy of BtB leading BTWW
  • It was motioned, seconded and approved to have BTWW the week of June 9


Paul Taylor reported on the IN-MI River Trail

  • BMC donated $5k
  • Nilestownship still soliciting $80k to get the next grant approved. They are going after area businesses
  • JV reported that Mike Dobson,clayTownshipTrustee, is in the second level of grant application for theClevelandto Darden and Darden to Stateline portions of the trail.ClayTownshipwill be looking towards BMC for $ support.


Karen Haun reported on membership activities

  • 100 memebership cards have been handed out
  • $500 in membership fees have been received and given to Henry
  • 2014 membership activities are being planned


Paul Taylor reported he is continuing discussions with theSouth BendAirportregarding bike racks and lockers and to implement an abandoned bike policy. The next bike count should be early January, 2014. Paul will confirm exact dates. Board members need to let Paul know if they want BMC business cards, Paul will print them for you.

It was suggested that BMC participate in next year’sBikeNDride fromChicagoto ND for the first home football game.

The meeting was adjourned by consensus. Next meeting will be in December, 2013. Judy will schedule.

Respectfully submitted,

Pete Jank


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