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Best Climbs in Michiana

Where are they? Have are my fave five:
1. Bertrand west of St. Joseph River
Long, smooth, winding, easily accessible, with moderate traffic.  I hit this on at least 90% of my rides.
2. Garland in south South Bend, east of the south end of Twyckenham
A punchy, short, steep climb in a neighborhood filled with inclines. It lends itself unusually well to repeats since you can easily loop it rather than having to turn around at the top like most climbs. The massive houses are fun to look at, too.
3. Red Bud just north of Buchanan
This one has an alpine switchback feel.
4. Boland in northwest South Bend, west of Riverside
Newly repaved and scenic with low traffic, it’s a highlight of the Thursday night ProForm rides.
5. Curran east of Oak Forest, west of Red Bud in Bertrand Township
Straight and steep. It’s longer than it looks, and the momentum from the downhill lead-in quickly evaporates on this punishing grade.

This list is heavy on the Buchanan area and south South Bend because that’s where I ride. I know I’ve been on at least one monster in the subdivisions of Granger but I can’t remember the location.

Where are your favorites?

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