Bicycle Safety Course Being Offered, April 14

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Bicycle Safety Course Being Offered, April 14

Danny Graber, League of American Bicyclists Certified Safety Instructor, is offering a Traffic Skills 101 safety course on Tuesday, April 14. The class will run from 8:00 a. m. to mid to late afternoon. The class will be held at the South Bend YMCA.

This class teaches the basics you need to know in order to bicycle safely and confidently in and around motorized traffic — city or country. There will be hands-on training as you learn basic emergency maneuvers, signalling and turning, choosing the correct lane to ride in, traffic scanning techniques, and more. This class will open your eyes, even to the veteran bicyclist, of small things that will help ensure your safety.

A well kept secret is that if you as a bicyclist ride with “predictability” (when motorists know what you are going to do next) you will find motorists will respect your rights far more than one ever imagined. I will teach these rules and principles of “predictability.” There are correct and incorrect ways of doing this. The course is based on League of American Bicyclists developed materials and training principles.

I still have a few openings. Sign up fee is $40, includes a copy of safety manual for student to keep. Class requirements are that you bring a bicycle in good repair (brakes and gears must be functioning properly) and a helmet as well as street safety-colored (yellow or lime green) clothing or a safety vest. 

Contact Danny Graber at home (574) 266-4265 or cell (574) 370-6192 — or email  

As a bicyclist, to earn respect you must show respect.

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