‘Bike Elkhart’ Holds First Meeting

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‘Bike Elkhart’ Holds First Meeting

This past Thurs.  (Feb. 19) Danny Graber and Frank Cassella of All About Cycling and Fitness convened the first meeting of what will become the fourth bicycling advocacy group in the Michiana region. This follows the examples set by Bike Michiana in South Bend, Goshen Bikes, and Michiana Bike Safety Awareness  in Nappanee.

If our first meeting is any indication of the level of enthusiasm displayed then we will have a vibrant and efffective group. It is amazing to see the drive people have to get bicycling into the forefront.  It is equally amazing to see all the individuals coming out of the different grains in the woodwork, metaphorically speaking.

Our name is tentatively “Bike Elkhart” but we still have more discussion and organizing to do before we settle on our “formal” existence. Our next meeting is scheduled for Mar. 5, 7:00 p.m., 1st Presbyterian Church in Elkhart on Beardsley. New members are welcome. For more information call Danny Graber at 266-4265 or Frank Cassella at 294-7243.

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