Bike Lanes Gone Wrong

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Bike Lanes Gone Wrong

badbikelane01A friend recently sent me some snapshots of poorly executed bike lanes (these are alleged to be from Spain, but I haven’t verified the origin). I’ve seen some poor designs before, but these take the cake.

It appears that these lanes were actually installed around the obstacles — making it virtually impossible for them to be used. Part of me wonders if this is a hoax, but then again I could imagine a well-intentioned non-cyclist implementing these without realizing just how unusable they are. Perhaps the majority of this bike path is perfectly clear.

In any event, I think this image nicely conveys the importance of continuity and convenience in the design and implementation of effective bike routes. Personally, with lanes like this, I’d stay on the road.

See below for additional examples:

Here’s another; note the bus stop just ahead!

badbikelane02 has posted a video of what they describe as the “Stupidist Bike Lane in America in L.A.”.

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