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On the Opinion page of the Sunday, October 5th South Bend Tribune, there was a letter from a lady seeking guidance on how to deal with bicyclists in bike lanes. She also offered the opinion that, since there was apparently no good way for a motorist to deal with these cyclists, bikes should stay on the sidewalk. This letter was not in the on-line edition of the newspaper. I am inviting all readers of BikeMichiana to read the article, and respond with a letter to the editor. You can write to the editor at list your full name, address and phone number, as they will call you to verify you are for real.

              “If I am driving down Mishawaka Avenue, planning to turn right at the next intersection and a bicycle comes up next to me near the intersection, do I?

                1) Slam on my brakes so I don’t hit the bicycle, oblivious of any car behind me that may hit me after  my sudden stop?
                2) Trust that the bicycle will stop, allowing me to make my turn?
                3) Continue to the next intersection, allowing the bicycle to get ahead of me?
                4) Hope that, as I hug the centerline to leave room for bicycles, I do not hit another car coming in the other direction?
                5) Hope that, as I try not to hug the centerline, I do not squeeze a bicycle between my car and a parked one?
                If a bicycle comes upon a car making a parallel park, does the rider swerve out around the car; thereby riding into oncoming traffic?
                Most of our streets were not made wide enough to subtract half a lane from each side. Better that the bicycles share a sidewalk with what few pedestrians there are, at least a collision would not be lethal and the participants have more control of the traffic.

                Painted bicycle lanes are a terrible and dangerous idea. We must find another way to encourage bicycle riding.

Marilyn Rossow
South Bend “

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