Bike Michiana receives $5,500 for education

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Bike Michiana receives $5,500 for education

Bike education for third-graders

Judy Lee has been piloting safety classes for 3rd graders and has been splitting her efforts between the pilot education program and a search for funding sources. The education program has been a resounding success, and now her search for funding is beginning to succeed.

 The Michiana Bicycle Association has donated $1,000 and Memorial Hospital’s Community Health Enhancement has granted $4,500. When added to the Bike Michiana Coalition’s internal funding of $1,000 the funds will go a long way towards safety education for kids. 

Lee has isued a plea for volunteers to help with the growing program. She said “This is a great opportunity for cyclists who want to volunteer.” It also is a great opportunity for folks who enjoy working with children, even though they have no special knowledge of cycling. Volunteers are encouraged to contact Lee at

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