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Bike safety classes and loyal volunteers

Bike Michiana Coalition is celebrating spring by teaching bicycle safety classes to local elementary school students. The lessons include bicycle “rules of the road, trails, and sidewalks”.

The classes are tailored to third grad students because this is the development stage when children begin to ride their bike independently. The purpose is to teach safety rules at the appropriate age with the goal of establishing, life long safety habits thereby reducing the risk of injuries. The main repeated topic is to “wear and appropriate fitted helmet every time you ride your bike”

Demonstrations include the reasons for wearing a helmet, wearing bright clothing to be visible, hand signals to be predictable. A cyclist volunteer demonstrates the ABCs of checking the bike before riding. This is the sixth year of presenting this very important message of bicycle safety. The program is funded by Bike Michiana Coalition, Michiana Bicycle Association, Bike the Bend, and community grants. Volunteers team teach the one hour prepared program.

The biggest expense is the purchase of helmets which are fit and distributed without charge. The students “earn” their helmet by participating in the class and promising to wear their helmet every time they ride their bike.

The program grows every year and is possible because of monetary donations to buy helmets and by volunteers who give so generously of their time.

We invite you to join this most rewarding team of volunteers by helping with fitting and eventually teach a small segment of the class.

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