Bike South Bend committee is formed

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Bike South Bend committee is formed

Mike Divita (left) & Chris Dressel updating new committee members on biking status

Twenty-three people attended the first meeting of a new committee being organized by the City. Under the leadership of Chris Dressel, the South Bend Bicycle Coordinator, the attendees reviewed the status of the City’s biking and walking infrastructure as well as plans for future upgrades. The twenty-three represented business, school, health, government and civic groups throughout greater South Bend. As members were introducing themselves, each was asked to identify the best and worst thing about cycling in South Bend. Worst things seemed to be safety and the weather. Best things were the progress that has been made, the cooperation of many people and organizations, and the potential for further improvements. 

The City has been meeting with the Bike Michiana Coalition over the past two years. Dressel stated that “While this partnership has led to tremendous improvements in the local bicycling environment, all involved believe now is the time to broaden participation to make South Bend an even more bicycle friendly community.”

The Committee will meet quarterly with a goal of improving the effectiveness of the “five E’s” of bicycling:  Engineering, Encouragement, Education, Enforcement and Evaluation. Attendees will work to improve these areas, (but no one has illusions of improving the weather).

More information is available at Bike South Bend.

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