Bike Station Planning Begins for South Bend

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Bike Station Planning Begins for South Bend

An eight-member team met last Friday morning, August 8th, to begin joint planning for a bicycle station in South Bend.   The team, which included bike commuters, local business and city government representatives identified key areas to research including perceived facility needs (secure bike parking, lockers, showers, etc.),  prospective users (bike to work-commuters vs. recreational users), possible locations, and potential funding sources.

No decisions regarding any of these issues were made at this first meeting.  Two focal areas did emerge regarding location – one being a downtown South Bend facility more focused on employee-commuters.  The other a possible East Race multi-purpose facility that could serve the needs of both bikers and e.g. kayakers.  Eddy Street commons was also discussed.

The planning team will meet again September 5th.  A survey will be posted on this website soliciting input from the bike community.   To join the Bike Station planning committee, reply to this post.

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