Can Michiana Become a Bicycle-Friendly Community?

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Can Michiana Become a Bicycle-Friendly Community?

Given Pat’s tragic death, the answer to this question is less clear to me than it was just a week ago. Obviously, our first priority is to grieve and support Nancy and her family. When ready, however, let’s honor Nancy’s request and attempt to make something positive come of this.

  • What can we do to get drivers to better respect and be more aware of cyclists on the road?
  • With huge budget cuts looming, how can the city improve its infrastructure to better accommodate cyclists?
  • Although Pat was following prudent safe-cycling procedures, many cyclists don’t. How can we better educate cyclists to ride in a safe and predictable manner?

I don’t think there are any easy answers to these questions, but we need to brainstorm and get active. Please submit VOP letters to help raise awareness about this tragedy.

There are several advocacy groups already active in Michiana: The Paint the Town Coalition (promoting bicycle lanes and routes), The Bicycle-Friendly Community group, Bike to Work Week and the currently forming Michiana Bicycle Coalition. There will be a Bike Summit to organize community efforts on August 7th. Get involved!

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