Conversion of the “Westside Greenway” (a.k.a Notre Dame Coal Line) into a multiuse trail

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Graduate students at Indiana University South Bend have been studying two projects in conjunction with the City of South Bend. One study involves the southern downtown area, “South Hub” anchored by Four Winds Field. The other involves the abandoned railway on the city’s northwest side. The students will present their project concepts in a forum that [...]

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Indiana 2014 Trails Plan Update

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The DNR Division of Outdoor Recreation is creating an update to the 2006-16 Indiana State Trails Plan: “Hoosiers on the Move.” The Trails Plan guides the development and expansion of a statewide system of trails to be used for public recreation and transportation. As part of the planning process, they’re conducting an online survey of statewide trails [...]

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Michiana Bicycle/Pedestrian Project List

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28 Bike/Ped projects are on tap MACOG has published a list of several hundred Transportation Improvement Projects in their four-county area. Twenty-eight of those projects are specifically pointed at making our community more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. The image at the left shows the projects as balloons or red and black lines. Click here [...]

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MACOG Invites Public Comment on IN-MI Trail Extension

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  The proposed LaSalle Trail in northern St. Joseph County is a critical section of trail extending from Roseland to the Michigan State Line. Nearly a mile of it has already been constructed in Roseland, and a half mile section from Cleveland Road to Darden Road is scheduled for construction in 2015. Now half of the [...]

South Bend to add protected on-street bicycle lanes

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One of the visual aids at a recent open house If current plans hold, a major east-west artery in downtown South Bend will be sporting new sharrows and protected bike lanes in the summer of 2014. As part of a streetscape project intended to make the area more attractive, safer, and friendlier, 0.3 miles [...]

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