Safe Cycling Course in June

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The South Bend Parks and Recreation Department is partnering up with Paul Taylor of the Bike Michiana Coalition to offer a safe bicycling course this June. "Traffic Skills 101" is created and endorsed by the League of American Bicyclists. It is a nine-hour course (three evening classes of three hours each) and covers bicycle safety checks, [...]

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The year in review – good things cycling in 2010

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This is the time of year to reflect on accomplishments for the year just ended. Here is a short summary of Michiana good things cycling. Bike to Work Week saw miles ridden in The Corporate Challenge increase to 26,154 from 16,179 (an increase of 74%). Also the number of teams increased to 119 from 111 (an [...]

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Historical Perspective and the future

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I wonder what stories you might hear if you asked your elders about their memories of bicycles and bicycling. As I was talking with my mother yesterday, we explored some of her memories of pre-WW II Tokyo. She came from a well-to-do Japanese family and offered some interesting perspectives on cars, bicycles, and pedestrian traffic. She [...]

Don’t forget to tighten those QRs!

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Apparently photoshopped, but the point is real: not even helmets will save you from a loose quick-release lever, so make sure everyone you know understands how to tighten one correctly!

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Applying reflective microspheres for hi-vis night biking

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From An interesting read on the "topical application of retro reflective microspheres (glass beads).  The concept is that you are essentially making your chosen item reflective via the same manner that your local Transportation Department makes painted stripes on the roadway reflective."   Photos and instructions and links to other high-visibility reflective materials/tips included.

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