Fall 2015 Bike/Ped Counts

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Fall 2015 Bike/Ped Counts

The most recent Bicycle and Pedestrian Count took place on September 17th.  Thank you to the volunteers:Don & Glenda Lamont, Dustin New, Chris VandenBosche, Pete Jank, Henry Scott, John Marquardt, Chris Dressel, Cervando Ortiz (Yatish Yoshi), & Paul Taylor.

Fall 2015 Summary

During the two hour count cycle, the volunteers counted 636 bicyclists and pedestrians.  The highest location was along Mishawaka Ave near IUSB campus and Adams High School (Pete Jank & Henry Scott). The majority of those being pedestrians. It appears to have been several sports teams running along the sidewalk, however there were many associated with the bus stop near there.  The location on Notre Dame Ave just south of Napoleon Blvd had this highest number of bicyclists (Chris VandenBosche). The least count was at Orange St east of Meade St (Thanks for hanging in there Cervando Ortiz).

You can view additional data collected by the volunteers here.

A Look Back

Comparing this year to the previous counts, there was an increase of bicyclist from the last year to a level near it was in 2013 and 2012.  For pedestrians, this count cycle was the highest to date.



I would be remiss if I did not thank the individual who has so diligently managed the Volunteer Bike/Ped Counting Program since the beginning. Paul Taylor started this program in 2012 and worked to gather volunteers, selected count location, and collected data himself. Now Paul has passed on this project and I hope to continue his level of enthusiasm and professionalism in the future. Thank you Paul for all your work to make biking better in Michiana.

Future Plans

In the future, I would like to see this count program to grow and cover more locations.  The next count will be in the Spring and will need more volunteers to cover additional locations and times.  If you are interested in participating in counting, please fill out this form.  I will contact you with more information as we get closer to the Spring.  Thank You.

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