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Granger Paths meets opposition

Another biking and walking issue is brewing. The NIMBYs (Not in My Back Yard) and BANANAs (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) are flexing their muscle in Granger, Indiana: even considering legal action.

Since 2005, plans have been underway to build multiuse paths in Granger. In recent years, most residents were happy to see their area get new schools and new libraries, but they realized that kids couldn’t get to these places unless Mom or Dad drove them. What a downer! So the push for a walking and biking infrastructure was on.

Now, according to a WSBT news report, some Granger residents are pushing back against safer biking and walking. WSBT lists their objections:

  • it’s going to wreck a lot of front yards
  • where does this fall in the luxury vs. needs …
  • a small group of homeowners weren’t able to get their questions answered, so they are pursuing another alternative course of action. Legal actions? Maybe.

The WSBT report didn’t mention the obesity epidemic, the air quality, global warming, traffic congestion, or danger to people who walk or bike along the narrow Granger roads. It did itemize the efforts of a group of Granger residents and St. Joseph County to keep homeowners and the public informed.

  • “…regular public meetings and publicized their [Friends of Granger Paths] fundraisers”
  • notified homeowners three times
  • ‘legal notice went out to the affected homeowners in September [2011] and stresses that the vast majority of changes will be within the county-owned “right-of-way.”’
  • It’s being funded in part by a federal grant with an additional $150,000 coming from local donations. Disclaimer: The Bike Michiana Coalition (manager of this web site) has donated $2,500 to the project.

To combat this BANANA reaction, another informational meeting is being conducted by the Friends of Granger Paths:

  • Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 6:30pm at the Northpoint Elementary School Cafeteria, 50800 Cherry Road, Granger.
  • There will not be a public comment session, but bike and walk advocates are encouraged to attend.

Thanks to WSBT for the above photo.

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