“Friends of Granger Paths” Seeking Support for MACOG Grant

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“Friends of Granger Paths” Seeking Support for MACOG Grant

Friends of Granger PathsFriends of Granger Paths is one step closer to receiving a TE (Transportation Enhancement) grant from MACOG for the construction of a path along Adams Rd near the Mary Frank school, and they are asking for public support.

Specifically, Friends of Granger Paths asks those in favor to submit supportive comments to the Policy Board, using the official Comment Form (MS Word or PDF version). As indicated on the Comment Form, you may submit your comments either by postal mail or email. You do NOT need to live in Granger to submit a comment. Please see below for specific points and instructions that would be helpful for your comments:

  • Request that board members approve/support the 3 phases of TE funding for Friends of Granger Paths listed in the Draft 2009-2014 TIP
  • Ask board members to support a 80/20 split on all phases of the proposal (PE, RW, CN)
  • Your subject should be “MACOG FY 2009-2014 TIP Comments Friends of Granger Paths” if you email your comments. You might also put it on your envelope if you mail it.
  • Note: Comments are due by October 20th!

Guide to Abbreviations:

TE: Transportation Enhancement. This is grant money from the federal government that state governments get to do paths, sidewalks, bike lanes, ped. bridges, etc. Counties, cities and groups (like Granger Paths) apply for these funds as they are made available. Indiana has a 80/20 match (some states have a 90/10 match) which means that the city, county, or group has to come up with the 20%.

PE: Preliminary Engineering
RW: Right of Way
CN: Construction

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