Great Meeting Feb. 5th, 2008: Proposed Bike Teams

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Great Meeting Feb. 5th, 2008: Proposed Bike Teams

Our “Michiana Bike Summit” went really well- had hoped for 7-10 people and a content-oriented discussion of bike-advocacy goals for 2008. Instead, we had 27 attendees (including some hearty male and female winter bikers) and a surprising networking opportunity. Attendees included NIMBA members, a bike shop owner, grad students, bike mechanics, a journalist, Greens members, professors, a radio production manager, existing PTT bike coalition members. And my daughter, who wondered what the heck was going on. Three photos should be attached…

Also see: (from Kathleen P.)

Attendees filled out a simple survey, seeking personal bike-interests and priorities for 2008. After pondering the evening’s discussions and the surveys, I’ve proposed four “Bike Teams” with various members, according to areas of expressed interest. The Teams are:

1. A “Bike Friendly Community” Team to promote bicycle awareness, bike saftey, bike racks, Safe-Routes-To-School, etc. And to actively engage with area bike groups, bike shops, universities and bike-friendly organizations, e.g. SJV Greens, sustainable living groups…

2. A “Bike Lanes” Team to continue the work of the Paint the Town (PTT) Bicycle Coalition, founded by Jerry Hinnefeld and Judith Robert, as it works with city and county gov’t to develop bike safety lanes, multipurpose rec. trails and bike infrastructure.

3. A “Bike to Work” Team to organize this year’s Bike to Work Week/Day including fun events, e.g. a bike ride, bike rodeo for kids, live music, food, bike maps, vendors, etc.

4. A “Bike Station” Team to explore the development of a bicycle station. A bike station is a facility that serves the practical needs of bike commuters (think bus or train station) with services such as bike parking, hot showers, lockers, basic bike accessories and repair supplies, an on-duty bike mechanic, bike rentals for visitors, etc. (Chicago’s Millenium Park bike station as one model to be considered). Not a bike shop, and would not compete with local bike shops for bike sales.

I took the liberty of assigning persons to the various Bike Teams according to expressed areas of interest. Just suggestions- all are free to help anywhere they can!

There should be three photos attached…


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