How’s Your Riding This Winter?

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How’s Your Riding This Winter?

Matt Mooney, not deterred, still biking!

Matt Mooney and Bruce Spitzer, not deterred, still biking!

Mine has been less than spectacular. Our first snowy / icy conditions were back in November, if I recall correctly. I hadn’t yet switched to my studded tires and took a spill. I didn’t get hurt, and it was actually kinda funny because prior to my wipeout I thought Phil was silly for using his as of October 19. He definitely gets the last laugh!

Then we had some days near the end of December that gave me pause. It warmed up just enough to produce some slushy ruts in the road — right before temperatures plummeted and froze them in place. Most winters have a few days for which the snow approximates cookie dough consistency, and I simply can’t make my bike go, but there have been very few days that I was afraid to ride. Those icy ruts crossed the line for me. I traveled on foot.

Today looks like riding will be challenging, at least within my neighborhood due to the depth of snow on the streets. It may be another day of walking, rather than riding, but to be honest, I don’t mind. I’ve enjoyed walking more this winter, but then again, I really don’t need to go very far: downtown (home of the wonderful Chicory Cafe and my gym) is only about two miles and my employer is just under one mile from my house.

However, I’ve been wondering how the rest of you, with longer commutes, have been doing this winter. Any stories?

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