Indiana Bicycle Safety Legislation to Be Introduced

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Indiana Bicycle Safety Legislation to Be Introduced

Senator John Broden, whose 10th district includes portions of St. Joseph County, plans to submit a bicycle safety bill in the next General Assembly Session. The 2009 session will start in January.

In the opinion of many bikers, Indiana has some antiquated biking laws which need clean-up, but there are some safety provisions that are lacking. In an earlier post on this web site, the bike law issue was broached: the topic was Is It Time To Update Indiana Bike Laws? . I would encourage all bikers who disagree with the proposed revisions in that thread, to make your voice heard by posting a comment. By the same token, list provisions that you think should be added.

I’m not a lawyer, but by my reckoning, there are a minimum of 18 steps to get a law passed. Here are the first 5, according to the website:
1. An idea is developed (We have already started that process with some specific points as I mentioned earlier)
2. A bill is drafted (This is done by a state agency at Senator Broden’s request)
3. The bill is introduced (Once the bill has been drafted and approved by the cycling community, the Senator will introduce it. It will be assigned a Bill Number. Ideally other Senators will be co-sponsors.)
4. The bill has its First Reading in the house of origin (Here’s where the cycling community really goes into action contacting our Representatives and Senators to drum up support. This will be a statewide effort. If the bill doesn’t get adequate support, it will not receive a reading: it will die.)

While steps 3 & 4 are taking place in the Senate, the same thing will be happening in the House of Representatives. We have yet to determine what Representative(s) will sponsor.

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