Is Michiana Ready for B-cycle?

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Is Michiana Ready for B-cycle?

B-cycle rackVisit to read about the B-cycle concept. You can watch a video, learn about the potential benefit in our area, and add your voice to the crowd. It’s a fascinating idea.

From their site: “B-cycle is the only “next”-generation bike-share program. Integrated data tracking will automatically capture information such as your distance traveled, equivalent calories burned and carbon offset after each ride. It will then upload this data to your personal user profile on B-cycle is the future of bike sharing, and it’s available to your city now.”

Maybe I’m a cynic, but I think at least five years will pass before B-cycle – or something like it – becomes feasible in our area. There are not enough safe paths between key spots in our region, and there are still too many anti-bike folks out there.

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