Juniper Road Bike/Ped Path to be extended

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Juniper Road Bike/Ped Path to be extended

For bicyclists, one of the most useful county roads is also one of the most intimidating. Local officials recognize that, and hope to do something about it, possibly as early as 2012. Juniper Road is the logical northside route to and from the Notre Dame campus.
In a recent email to a Notre Dame Alum and frequent Juniper Road rider, Jessica Clark, St. Joseph County Engineer said:

“St. Joseph County … has identified this area for consideration of a future bicycle facility enhancement project. St. Joseph County, in partnership with the University of Notre Dame and Clay Township, is currently surveying and collecting the necessary information to design a bike lane on Juniper Road between Douglas Road and Cleveland Road.

We have not scheduled the project for a construction date as it is subject to available funding and [we] will continue to work out the details with the parties involved. If sufficient funding is secured, the project may start in the spring of 2012. County officials are working hard to help make this project happen as quickly as possible.”

The operative word here is ‘funding’. Clark used the word twice, and of course funding is dependent on many issues: more than most cyclists can fully grasp.

In the second photo, Ms. Jo Duke passes under the I-80 toll road bridge, which is the choke point of the Notre Dame Northside route. Duke is on a recreational and fitness ride on a fine October afternoon. During rush-hour, the road is heavily used by Notre Dame bike-commuters.

Hopefully, Duke will have a safer route next October.

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