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The following rules will govern memberships in the coalition.

1. Term of membership.

  • The term of membership shall be January 1 through December 31, regardless of when the member joined.
  • However if a member joins in the 4th quarter, the term of membership shall extend until December 31 of the following year (renewal will not be due until the following year).

2. There shall be a membership renewal drive in December of each year. This drive will include e-mail notices to all current members. In the drive, renewals for the upcoming year will be solicited.

3. A thank-you and acknowledging e-mail will be sent to all new and renewing members.

Procedures for Membership applications

Paper applications and checks:

  • All membership applications and funds will be sent to the membership chair for record keeping.
  • The chair will forward the funds to the coalition treasurer.

 On-line applications:

  • To be determined.
  • Membership Renewals:

Paper checks: member sends a paper check to the chair.
PayPal: if member has a PayPal account they may pay by sending funds to . In the PayPal transaction, they should designate their payment is a ‘gift’.