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The Bike Michiana Coalition seeks a more bicycle-friendly community by:

  1. Encouraging bicycling for commuting and recreation;
  2. Expanding and improving bicycle infrastructure; and
  3. Educating citizens and government about bicycle safety, laws and the community benefits of cycling.


  • Bicyclists feel safe riding throughout Michiana
  • Bicyclists of all ages are taught safe bicycling in the community and schools
  • Traffic laws pertaining to bicycles are clear and facilitate safe cycling
  • Traffic laws are obeyed by, and enforced for, both cyclists and motorists
  • Employers and schools encourage bicycle commuting
  • Bicycle access, safety and infrastructure are integrated into the planning of any public or private construction project
  • Partnerships are fostered between bicyclists and community health care, environmental and sustainability groups
  • All of Michiana is recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community