Nasty Road Rage Incident in LA

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Nasty Road Rage Incident in LA

This isn’t local at all, but I found it to be a useful read: The LAist reports
“Road Rage Motorist vs. Cyclists on Mandeville Canyon Road”

WARNING: Photos of mangled cyclists and one bloody car are at the link.

The short version is that a doctor was apparently outraged that two (experienced) cyclists were riding on his road, so he swerved in front of the two and slammed on his brakes, seriously injuring both. One of the wounded dragged himself to the front of the driver’s car to prevent him from leaving the scene. The driver was arrested at the scene for felony criminal assault.

Personally, it seems to me that anything less than jail time and revoking his medical license would be a travesty. I have to wonder if he would have gotten off lighter if the cyclists had been killed instead of just severely injured.

Stay safe out there!

Update: The LA Times has the story here.

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