New Bike Lane Along North Shore Dr

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New Bike Lane Along North Shore Dr

The 0.8 mile stretch of North Shore Dr. between Michigan St. and W Angela Blvd. in South Bend was striped with bicycle lanes last week. There’s room for parking on the NE side so the lane is far out from the curb, but on the SW side there’s no parking so the lane is right up against the curb. Hopefully this will help to promote cycling between downtown and the Riverside Trail!

See below for pictures and a map.

Here’s an image along North Shore Dr. before the bike lanes were in place (heading northward):
NE Side prior to bike lanes.

The same section with bike lanes (note parking lane):
NE Side of North Shore Blvd

The SW side of the road heading southward (note lane up against curb):
SW Side of North Shore Dr

The end of the bike lane along W Angela Blvd. where it connects with Riverside Trail:
Angela and Riverside Intersection

And finally…. a Google Map showing the new section:


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