NPR radio feature on Bicyle Commuting/ Issues

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NPR radio feature on Bicyle Commuting/ Issues

National Public Radio recently aired a 30-minute feature on the pros and cons of urban bicycle commuting.   Bike advocates and adversaries are interviewed.  Listen  to the archived story at

Description from the NPR website: “Talk of the Nation, August 26, 2008 · High gas prices and heightened environmental awareness have led more bicyclists to take to already-congested streets. Road rage has escalated quickly — drivers complain that cyclists ignore traffic laws and cyclists contend that drivers deliberately try to run them down.

Rob Anderson, who is running for Supervisor of the 5th District in San Francisco, says he’d rather see everyone in cars. He explains why he thinks bikes hurt the economy.

Noah Budnick, deputy director of Transportation Alternatives, is an advocate for cycling and offers suggestions for ways to ease the tensions between cyclists and drivers.”

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