Outpost Trek Demo Day Escapes Rain, Mostly

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Outpost Trek Demo Day Escapes Rain, Mostly

The Outpost Trek Demo Day in Granger on Tuesday night went off without a hitch. Riders showed up early at 5pm to claim a brand new Madone 5.2 off a rack of about twenty to use for the evening’s usual ride. Some demo cyclists were regulars to the Outpost ride, while some were new to the ride and the sport. The rain generally held off, though some roads were wet enough to give rouleurs a good taste of what I call “Michigan toothpaste”. Nobody crashed their pricey steeds, either.

I was one of the lucky folks to score a Madone. Although I had the mechanics raise the seat twice, it still was substantially lower than I like. I could never quite get comfortable on the bike due to its odd fit, but I did notice that it was twitchier and perhaps slightly stiffer than my BMC Team Machine. It was a bit bumpier of a ride–sometimes I’d worry that I’d flatted–but in general the roads on the ride are very smooth anyway.

I’m looking forward to trying out another one next year, and I’ll be sure to bring a tape measure to better approximate my current setup!

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