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Pro-Cycling Letters to the Editor

Below is a letter I sent to the Elkhart and Goshen papers. I encourage all bicyclists to send positive bicycle notes/news to local newspapers. I think it helps our public relations and gains us respect.

I often ride my bicycle between Elkhart and Goshen – 13 miles one way from my house in Elkhart to downtown Goshen. The nicest blessings of this trip are the newly paved and striped bikes lanes extending from Indiana to Hively along Sterling Ave. as well as the one-year old MapleHeart Bike Trail. The City of Goshen is scheduled, as I understand it, to complete their portion of the MapleHeart Trail inside their city limits in 2009.

Every time I use the trail, I see other people using it as well.

A special appreciation, on behalf of all bicyclists, is extended to Marty Morgan of the Elkhart city streets department, Karin Frey of Elkhart city parks and recreation department, and Larry Neff of Elkhart county parks and recreation in helping to keep the lanes free of debris and overhanging weeds and brush. It contributes to being able to bike safely.

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