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Red means go?

Cyclists would be able to run a red light.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists should get liberty to go through red lights — in certain instances — according to a bill co-authored by Crawfordsville Republican Rep. Tim Brown.
House Bill 1118 would amend Indiana motor vehicle code to allow operators of motorcycles, motorized bicycles, motorscooters and bicycles to proceed through a steady red signal if they first:

• Come to a complete stop at the intersection for at least 120 seconds; and

• Exercise due caution as provided by law, treat the traffic control signal as a stop sign, and determines that it is safe to proceed. See the full story at the Lafayette Journal & Courier. Actually, this is a redundant bill since Indiana already considers such a light to be defective, and  the law does not force cyclist to obey a defective traffic control device. But the law would still be appreciated by two-wheelers.

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