SB 553 ‘Bicycles and Traffic Safety” Advances in Indiana Legislature

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SB 553 ‘Bicycles and Traffic Safety” Advances in Indiana Legislature

The bill that modernizes the Indiana cycling law has been approved by a Senate committee and sent to the Senate floor. In my opinion, this is a great day for Hoosier cyclists. 

Prior to approval, some of the more controversial parts were removed, while leaving non-contentious and important provisions intact. Among the provisions retained were:

  • the definition of Bicycle Lanes, and how they should be treated by both motorists and cyclists;
  • provision to allow a cyclist to proceed through a red-light if the bike is unable to trigger the traffic control sensor;
  • codification of hand signals routinely used by cyclists (including allowing a right turn to be signaled by extending the right arm);
  • requirement of a red tail-light at night;
  • cyclists have all the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians, but must yield to pedestrians;
  • several minor ‘clean-up’ provisions, (for example a biker may now carry a whistle, may stand up and pedal, and child seats and tag-alongs are legal);
  • increased penalties when a motorist causes bodily injury to a bicyclist.


The provisions removed were:

  • motorist must allow 3 foot clearance when passing a bike;
  • cyclist must carry identification on their person;
  • mandatory helmets for children on bikes;
  • the proposed ‘no-liability’ provision;
  • the new crime of harassing a cyclist.

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