SB553 – Bicycles and Traffic Safety Bill Passes

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SB553 – Bicycles and Traffic Safety Bill Passes

Nancy Tibbett was in the gallery at today’s House session. Here are the highlights of the session.

  • The bill passed 60 – 36.
  • Several Representatives spoke before the vote: she didn’t get the names of all of them, but all were in favor except Craig Fry, who said something like “bicyclists would not need to worry about getting hit if they stayed off the roads”.
  • Tim Neese was one of the speakers in favor of the bill.
  • One person who spoke in favor was a motorcyclist, who noted that the single-file rule was ill advised: “how can a cyclist pass another bike and remain in single file?”

Next step is the reconciliation process. There, the group will reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions. Here are the differences.

  • the 3′ clearance rule was added
  • tail light requirement was removed
  • carrying a bundle provision was added back in, but with exceptions for  ‘personal care’ items such as holding a water bottle
  • prohibition of riding double on state and federal highways was added
  • requirement of a bell was removed
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