Senate Bailout Bill Has Tasty Line Item

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Senate Bailout Bill Has Tasty Line Item

I know, it’s depressing that the Senate plays special-interest politics with something so hugely important.  But at least this time we’re the special-interest!  Thank goodness for Portland!

The gist is that employers will get a $20/month tax credit for every employee who commutes my bike.  As we saw for Bike to Work Week, this can really add up for some businesses!  It should be a great incentive for businesses to add showers, lockers, and bike racks.

The Bike Station project would have a much easier time raising money.  For example, each member business could agree to give the Bike Station $15/month for each cyclist who uses the facility.  In return, the Station could keep records of how many employees commute for the businesses’ taxes.  And don’t forget the biggest payoff of all: healthcare savings!

This could be just the nudge to push us over the edge.  It’s a good thing one stubborn Oregon senator can be bought off with this kind of thing!

h/t to Joe Canarecci!

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