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Senate Bill 101 – Three feet please

Senator Broden has sponsored a 3 foot passing bill in the Indiana General Assembly. It is slated to be assigned to the Committee on Corrections, Criminal and Civil Matters.

Here’s the legal synopsis of the bill: “Provides that it is a Class C infraction for a person driving a vehicle overtaking a bicycle to not allow at least three feet of clearance between the vehicle and the bicycle and not return to the original lane until the vehicle is safely clear of the bicycle.”

If you want details, or want to follow the political wrangles of the bill, you can do so at

This is the third year that Senator Broden has sponsored a bicycle safety bill. Two years ago there was an ombudsmen bill with many minor provisions. It nearly passed but died in the reconciliation process between the two chambers of the legislature. Last years bill never got to the assembly floor, probably because it included a mandatory helmet provision and received little or no support from the bicycling community.

This year’s effort is a single issue bill: 3 feet please. Tim Maher said “Hopefully this is our year.” Tim has been among the strong supporters of  Sen. Broden’s bike safety efforts.

As a follower of biking issues, I am reminded of the state of Maine. They introduced bicycle safety bills for seven (count ’em 7) consecutive years before a bill was passed. Maine is now one of the most bicycle friendly states in the U.S.

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