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Social Network Sites now has more than 150 million members who are disproportionately young, wealthy, well educated, and well connected.  It has become an indispensable mode of communication for a large segment of the population, and social online network sites may soon become as ubiquitous as cell phones.

I’ve taken the liberty of starting a Group for on Facebook, so if you have an account feel free to join.  It may be mostly redundant to the existing site, but on the other hand it may add one more dimension of depth to the burgeoning cycling community we’re building.

While you’re logged in, you may also want to become a Fan of the Indiana Bicycle Coalition and the League of American BicyclistsEarl Blumenauer and James Oberstar have Pages as well (as distinct from Groups, which are less official).  There is also a new social network site at, but its membership isn’t nearly as large as Facebook’s 150 million.

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