South Bend Bike Station Team Moving Forward

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South Bend Bike Station Team Moving Forward

The newest Bike Coalition team is reaching a critical mass of committee members and activity.  After four monthly meetings the South Bend Bike Station team has identified several key projects and volunteers to move forward on those projects. 

What began as a small group promoting a downtown commuter bicycle station has evolved into a broader effort to raise funds, erect unmanned bike information kiosks, design and build prototype metal “art-rack” bicycle racks for local businesses and advocate for downtown bicycle lanes.  

Ideas and support for a staffed commuter bicycle station abound but the necessary funds for renting or building it and, more importantly, keeping it operating have yet to be identified.  Thus, several team members will be looking into grants, foundations, a new corporate sponsorship package and a South Bend bike ride (or race) to help fund a bike station.   

A bike station will require a higher degree of coordination with broader Coalition efforts, downtown/private investment and City government than other projects to date.   Particularly because a staffed bike station would require a relatively large and ongoing source of funds to operate compared to other Coalition projects or annual events.   Bike station goals will be included in a pending Coalition planning summit this winter, during which the various Coalition projects will be prioritized along a timeline for the greater success of all.   

Persons interested in helping with any of the above Bike Station efforts can contact Jeff at

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