South Bend to add protected on-street bicycle lanes

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South Bend to add protected on-street bicycle lanes

One of the visual aids at a recent open house

If current plans hold, a major east-west artery in downtown South Bend will be sporting new sharrows and protected bike lanes in the summer of 2014. As part of a streetscape project intended to make the area more attractive, safer, and friendlier, 0.3 miles of protected bike lanes and 0.4 miles of sharrows will be added.The bike lanes will be 5 feet in width, adjacent to the curb. Next to the bike lane will be a painted safety zone, and next to that will be automobile parking or an automobile travel lane. The painted safety zone is to provide separation and protection for cyclists, while not interfering with snow removal. This bike lane stretch will run from St. Joseph Street, across the St. Joseph River Bridge, and to the edge of Howard Park, which is bordered by the popular East Bank Bike/Ped trail. These will be the inaugural protected lanes in north central Indiana.

Continuing eastward, the street will have sharrows through the east terminus of the project at Eddy Street (IN-23). This will be the second and by far most extensive use of sharrows in north central Indiana, and is a major improvement to the cycling infrastructure in Michiana.

The South Bend Tribune published a news story on March 6, 2014 which has more details.

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