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South Bend’s Riverside Trail

UPDATE (4/8/2009): Construction is now well underway for Phase II, which will continue this trail all the way to Darden Rd. Notably, Darden Rd now has its own separated bike / pedestrian path as well. If we can manage to get the LaSalle Trail to extend north over Cleveland Rd, we’ll be well on our way to an impressive trail network.

I had a great time at Sunday’s Paddlefest. On my rainy ride to the event, which was held at St. Patrick’s Park, I had several thoughts:

1) I love riding in the rain when it isn’t cold! It’s exhilarating, and our summer storms rarely last long — once it clears I dry out in no time.

2) I’m glad to see South Bend, Mishawaka and other cities better utilizing the St. Joseph River. The Michiana river walks are being expanded with connectivity in mind, and more and more people are enjoying what is arguably the region’s greatest natural resource by walking, running, biking, boating and fishing on the waters and shores of the St. Joseph River.

3) Although the first stage has been completed for about a year now, I wanted to have an entry on Bike Michiana about the Riverside Trail. I appreciated the trail on this rainy morning because it got me off of the road as I headed north — I could focus on the river and enjoying the ride, rather than traffic from behind.

The weather cleared by the time I cycled home in the afternoon, and it was a beautiful day. There were walkers, joggers and bikers using the trail, and fishermen out on the river. I’m quite impressed by what a great job the city did in the trail design.

I can hardly wait for the completion of the Riverside Trail’s second phase: it will continue all the way to Darden Rd, which is currently under construction, ultimately to have its own separated multi-use path. In my opinion, connectivity should be a top priority for trail planning, and it appears that our city planners have this in mind as well.

Here’s a Google Map showing the currently completed section:


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