Riverwalk Extention – Public Input Session

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Meeting will be on Wednesday, March 24, 7:00 p.m. at the Nuner Primary Center, 2716 Pleasant Street South Bend has started a study for extending the existing riverwalk system to the east (21st street to Logan Street) connecting with the Mishawaka trail system.  This extension would expand the riverwalk to nearly 12 miles giving a comprehensive cyclist and [...]

Bicycling spurs accomplishment and optimism for South Bend

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 At South Bend’s ‘State of the City’ address, Mayor Luecke listed the top 10 accomplishments, challenges, and reasons for optimism.  Biking made the top 10 list of ‘accomplishments’, as well as the top 10 list of ‘reasons for optimism’.     Accomplishments.      Mayor Luecke said “with 80 percent federal funding, we completed the extension of Riverside [...]

SB0361 – New bicycle bill for 2010 is introduced

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In 2009 a bill was introduced and passed both chambers of the legislature, but died in the reconciliation process. A similar bill, SB0361 has been introduced by Sen. John Broden. This bill is nearly identical to the 2009 bill as passed by the House. The bill has most of the provisions requested by cyclists, but also [...]