Share the road editorial

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The lead editorial on Monday's Tribune discussed bicycling in Michiana. "Today is the kickoff of the third annual Michiana Bike to Work Week, an event that helps promote bicycles as a viable way of daily transportation and increase awareness. Last year, more than 487 individuals and 61 corporate teams participated in the weeklong celebration, covering a [...]

Bicycle Trivia Quiz

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Not trivial stuff here - some pretty important issues I'm not a lawyer, but I have spent quite a bit of time studying bicycle laws and funding. Some of the things I have learned prompted me to write this little quiz. Take the quiz now... Now see the answers... Here's more trivia for people who like [...]

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Bike Station Survey

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After the recent Bike Station Planning Meeting on August 8th 2008, there was a consensus that the first thing that needed to be understood is who would be interested in using a bike station located in South Bend, and what services would they like to see offered at this proposed bike station. Your answers to the [...]