Can I ride my bike on the sidewalk?

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Yes and no. State laws make no distinction, but many cities and towns add restrictions, usually to protect pedestrians. I compared the laws of four area communities: Chicago, Elkhart, Mishawaka, and South Bend. South Bend has the most straight forward ordinance: “No person shall ride a bicycle upon a sidewalk within any business district.” Interestingly, it [...]

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Two new bicycle safety bills in 2011 Indiana General Assembly

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For the third consecutive legislative session, new bicycle laws are being considered. Both proposals would require youngsters up to 17 years of age wear a helmet. One proposal would add a requirement that motorists passing a bike allow at least three feet clearance. As of February 7, each bill has been assigned to committee, but neither [...]

Tribune publishes opinion of Bicycle Indiana in VIEWPOINT

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Nancy Tibbett, Executive Diretor of the statwide bicycling advocacy group submitted the article, which was published earlier this month. She submitted the piece to several newspapers around the state, and the South Bend Tribune was one of the media where it was published. The article follows… “In recent weeks, Indiana has experienced an unsettling spike in [...]

Bicycle friendly bills die in 2010 Indiana Legislature

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Two bills were introduced this year: SB361 Bicycles and Traffic Safety, and HB1182 Complete Streets. Both died. The Bicycles and Traffic Safety bill was almost identical to a bill that nearly passed in 2009, but it failed to gain traction this year. The Complete Streets bill would have benefited pedestrians as much, perhaps more, than cyclist. It [...]

SB0361 – New bicycle bill for 2010 is introduced

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In 2009 a bill was introduced and passed both chambers of the legislature, but died in the reconciliation process. A similar bill, SB0361 has been introduced by Sen. John Broden. This bill is nearly identical to the 2009 bill as passed by the House. The bill has most of the provisions requested by cyclists, but also [...]